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Google Employees Form An Anti-abuse ‘Union of Workers’ in the United States

Google Employees Form An Anti-abuse 'Union of Workers' in the United States
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More than 200 Google employees have formed a workers’ union in the United States, the union’s political officials wrote in a New York Times opinion article on Monday.

The goal of the Alphabet Workers Union is to ensure that workers work at a decent salary, without fear of abuse, revenge or discrimination, the heads of the union wrote.

“Our union will work to ensure that workers know what they’re working on, and can do their work at a fair wage, without fear of abuse, retaliation or discrimination. When Google went public in 2004, it said it would be a company that “does good things for the world even if we forgo some short-term gains.” Its motto used to be “Don’t be evil.” the union wrote in the article.

The U.S. labor agency, which accused the corporation of unfairly interviewing many employees who were later disciplined for lobbying against company practices and attempting to form a union, has fired Google.

Although Google in reciprocation said it was certain that it had behaved lawfully.

The leaders of the union wrote, adding that 226 members have signed union cards with the Communications Workers of America so far, “We’re building on years of organizing efforts at Google to create a formal structure for workers.”

“Our employees have protected labor rights that we support. But as we’ve always done, we’ll continue engaging directly with all our employees,” Kara Silverstein, director of people operations at Google, said on Monday.


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