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"Don't Be Afraid" of COVID-19, Trump Says as He Returns to The White House

President Donald Trump told the U.S. to “get out there and” and not fear COVID-19 as he returned to the White House on Monday to be treated for the virus after a three-night hospital visit and to remove his white surgical mask to pose for photographs.
Asked how he felt when arriving at the White House, where his staff was struck by infections and his re-election campaign, which was shadowed by the pandemic, Trump said: “Real Good.”
Trump wore a mask as he got out of the helicopter from a Military hospital outside of Washington, ascend the White House South Portico stairs and take pictures, wave, salute, and give thumbs. He turned into the White House and showed TV footages, his mask still in his pocket.
“Don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it,” Trump said in a recorded video message. “We’re going back, we’re going back to work. We’re going to be out front. … Don’t let it dominate your lives. Get out there, be careful.”
On Friday following his diagnosis with the novel coronavirus disease, the President of the Republic, who was running for reelection against Democrat Joe Biden in the U.S. election on 3 November, was admitted to the Walter Reed Medical Center.
Over 1 million people have been killed worldwide and over 209,000 alone in the United States-the highest death rate in any country.
In more than 72 hours, Trump, 74, had no fiber and his oxygen level was normal, his medical staff said to the hospital reporters.
However, physicians refused to address any effect that the disease could have on the president’s lungs or to reveal Trump’s last examination of coronavirus adversity.
The team also said that in recent days, the President has obtained additional oxygen twice.


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