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China Increased Its Defense Budget to $209 Billion More Than What India, Russia, Japan, and Australia Spend on Military Combined

China Increased Its Defense Budget to $209 Billion More Than What India, Russia, Japan, and Australia Spend on Military Combined

A great country with a great economy needs a strong military for protection and that’s what China is doing right now with its GDP second only to that of the US in the dollar exchange rate and a massive collection of wealth, China has realized that it needs a strong military to protect that wealth.

It often said that China was the richest and wealthiest country on earth for thousands of years but that wealth was easily taken by whoever wanted especially the whites because China was weak militarily and couldn’t defend itself, its people, or its wealth from the grabbers hence leading to the century of humiliation.

After modern China started taking shape, Chinese military planners and political leaders promised not to ever allow China to be bulled and robbed of its wealth again and that’s why President Xi Jinping of China has launched a military modernization drive to equate the Chinese military to that of US by 2027 and world most powerful military by 2049.

Today’s military spending in China is more than the combined military spending of Japan, India, Russia, and Australia showing how Xi Jinping’s military modernization drive is fast happening.

It has been known well that the US has been the biggest military spender although most of its money goes into unnecessary wars and ghost projects not forgetting sustaining the biggest military deployment around the world and the need to upgrade its aging military weapons not military research and that’s where one may ask, “where on Earth do Chinese spend their money on because they never fight wars or have many military deployments around the world?”

The answer to that is very simple, research. You know, unlike the US and Russia, China is mostly playing catch-up in over roll military technology although it has in some parts surpassed the US. With the Chinese aim of dominating the world in terms of military strength, China needs to do more research and breakthrough in many military fields of the future like AI-enabled fighting, creation of super-soldiers, space wars, Cybersecurity, and more which will define who wins and how the wars of tomorrow will be fought.

China has also stepped up its military training by consistently staging military exercises in order to make its military increase its readiness in case of any war probably with the US and also China has been producing more high tech weapons like new destroyers, frigates, submarines, missiles, drones, satellites and increased its military salary to attract new talented young recruits to help in the modernization of Chinese military

Although we have mentioned the above, I can’t end without mentioning many military problems that face China like India’s rise, US aggressive moves in the South China Sea, Japan’s increased military spending, Taiwan issue, Australia’s opposition to China’s rise as a world power and the need to protect its global investment especially along one belt one road initiative in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America have also played a part to how urgently China needs to make its military modernization fast to meet those challenges in the ever fast-changing world.


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