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Biden Tests Negative Again for Coronavirus on Sunday

According to a press pool report, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tested negative again for COVID-19 on Sunday in a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, his campaign said.
On Friday, the day Trump announced his coronavirus infection, Biden, who shared a debate stage with President Donald Trump last Tuesday in Cleveland, had also tested negative in two samples.
According to the pool report, the campaign gave no other specifics when asked about the pace of Biden’s recent research.
Doctors not involved in the COVID-19 treatment of President Donald Trump said the fact that dexamethasone-a generic steroid commonly used in other inflammation-reduction diseases-has been started is proof that his condition is serious.
On Sunday, Trump’s medical team said the president was launched on the steroid after experiencing low oxygen levels, but his health was improving and on Monday he could be released from the hospital.
Dexamethasone is useful in people with essential or extreme COVID-19 who need extra oxygen, the Infectious Disease Society of America says.
But tests indicate that in people with a milder case of the disease, the medication is not beneficial, and can even be detrimental.
Doctors who have been treating COVID-19 patients for months said Trump could still be released from the hospital, shocking cheering supporters outside the hospital by riding past in a motorcade Sunday night.
After the short ride, Trump returned to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

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