U.S. Prepares for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution on November 1

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has told states to prepare for a Covid-19 vaccine to be ready by November 1 and have asked them to remove obstacles to opening distribution sites.
The date indicates a vaccine will be available to the federal government only days before President Donald Trump stands for reelection Nov. 3, an ambitious target that would rely on vaccines being tested and approved by then.
Trump’s political future depends on the response to the virus which killed nearly 185,000 Americans. In early August, the CDC told states to expect that there might be “tiny doses” of a vaccine in fall.
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According to a recent letter, the Department of Health and Human Services and CDC “is making rapid preparations for introducing large-scale delivery of Covid-19 vaccines in fall 2020.”

U.S. Prepares for Covid19 Vaccine Delivery|Getty Image

The CDC declined to comment on the letter, of which the news organization McClatchy had published the contents earlier.
Trump has said earlier that he expects a vaccine will be ready by Election Day, or shortly before. He’s even been accused of delaying vaccine work at the Food and Drug Administration to hurt him politically.
States were actively planning for a Covid-19 vaccine and the date of November 1 was consistent with earlier plans, said Michael Fraser, chief executive of the State and Territorial Health Officers Association.
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Fraser said it would likely be appropriate to have an FDA emergency-use permit to administer a vaccine too quickly.
The classification allows the agency to use restricted data to deliver a vaccine to a specific group of people. The association of health officials “must have been highly worried about a vaccine that has not completed Phase 3 trials,” Fraser said.
A federal official familiar with the plans said the Nov. 1 date is just for preparation and was not intended to affect the presidential election. The official said the government is continuing to believe a vaccine is available.

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