Over 30 Million People Worldwide Have Contracted Coronavirus

With not less than six months since Coronavirus which originated from Wuhan, China was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, the virus has now been contracted by almost 30 million people worldwide, marking yet another landmark as many prepares for a potential second-wave hit during the fall and winter seasons.
As at today, the virus has spread to every corner of the world with no continent left without a single coronavirus cases. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the US leads the world in cases with 6.6 million, while India takes the second-worst at 5.1 million and Brazil the third-worst at 4.4 million.
There were 942,631 confirmed deaths in total, with the US again leading with more than 197,000 deaths, followed by Brazil with about 134,000 and India with 83,200.
European countries are now facing what WHO Regional Director Hans Kluge characterizes as a “very severe situation” after effectively minimizing the spread of the virus early on during the pandemic, with weekly cases exceeding prior levels.
The World Health Organization warned of “alarming” Covid-19 transmission rates in Europe, saying that weekly cases reported were now higher than at the height of the pandemic and “a very dangerous situation” was unfolding across the continent.
As the French Minister of Health warned of a “worrying spike” in intensive care admissions in some parts of the world and the authorities from Madrid to Dublin weighed their next steps, Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, said the 7-day count of new cases on the continent last week was 305,054, compared to 264,675 in the week of 30 March.
Over the past quarter, Kluge said on Thursday, more than half of European nations had recorded increases of 10 percentage points or more, while in seven, new infections more than doubled over the same 14-day period.
Faced with the possibility of a tough flu season coinciding with Covid-19, the U.S. is grappling with students returning to schools and universities, with many districts and colleges already being pushed back into full digital learning since outbreak.
According to the New York Times, 40 vaccines are currently being tested in human clinical trials, with nine in large-scale phase 3 studies, but health experts warn that even if a vaccine is found to be safe and effective by December at the earliest, the manufacturing and delivery of adequate vaccines will take an extended period of time to develop immunity in populations all over the world.
Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, chief science officer at WHO, as well as Bill Gates, a billionaire and philanthropist, said this week that people do not expect to return to their pre-coronavirus lifestyles until at least 2022.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has said the Covid-19 epidemic may have reached its height in Africa, but warns governments not to be complacent as countries loosen their restrictions.

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