Israel Reimpose Lockdown as 'second-wave' Outbreak Recur

Israel will enter a nationwide three-week lockdown beginning on Friday to control coronavirus spread following a second-wave outbreak of new cases, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, becoming the first country in the world to re-impose a strict national lockdown.
Reuters reports that Israelis will have to stay within 500 meters of their homes during the lockout, which comes during the Jewish high holiday season, but will travel to workplaces that will be permitted to operate on a restricted basis.
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Schools and shopping malls will be closed but they will remain open to supermarkets and pharmacies. The public sector would work with fewer employees but it will not have to close non-governmental offices and companies as long as they do not welcome customers.
“I know those measures will exact a heavy price on us all,” “This is not the kind of holiday we are used to. And we certainly won’t be able to celebrate with our extended families.” Netanyahu said in a televised address.
Netanyahu, who has faced rising criticism over his handling of the coronavirus crisis, said he had ordered his finance minister to come up with a new economic plan to support lockdown-hurting companies.
According to the WHO, the largest single country infection total of the unprecedented one-day case increase was from India, the United States, and Brazil.
India reported 94,372 new cases, followed by the US with 45,523 new infections and Brazil with 43,718 new cases.
The US and India each reported more than 1,000 new deaths and in the past 24 hours, Brazil reported 874 lives lost.
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An unprecedented one-day rise in global coronavirus cases was announced by the World Health Organization on Sunday, as the count increased by another 307,930 infections in just 24 hours. The Agency announced a total of 12,430 deaths on 17 April
In Africa, the number of cases has been steadily declining in many countries, although all countries of the continent have reported cases of coronavirus. The finance minister of South Africa, Tito Mboweni, cautioned Sunday that the economy could contract by more than the 7 percent expected for 2020, emphasizing that public finances are “exaggerated.”

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