Global Coronavirus Deaths Nears 1 million

As the world set to hit the toll of one million lives lost as a result of the coronavirus in just nine months, the global coronavirus death toll has reached another grim landmark.
On the Johns Hopkins University tracker, which relies on official government statistics, there are currently 980,299 deaths confirmed.
Due to lags in reporting, varying meanings, and testing rates, and alleged underreporting in certain nations, the true toll is estimated to be higher, probably above one million at the moment.
These are the ten countries with the highest tolls worldwide:

1. US: 202,728 deaths
2. Brazil: 138,977 deaths
3. India: 91,149 deaths
4. Mexico: 74,949 deaths
5. United Kingdom: 41,991 deaths
6. Italy: 35,781 deaths
7. Peru: 31,870 deaths
8. France: 31,524 deaths
9. Spain: 31,118 deaths
10. Iran: 25,015 deaths

In the past 24 hours, Brazil has reported 32,817 additional confirmed coronavirus cases and 831 deaths from the disease, the Ministry of Health said on Thursday.
According to ministry statistics, South America’s largest nation has reported more than 4.6 million cases of the virus since the pandemic started, ranking it as the world’s third-worst epidemic after the United States and India.
In Brazil, almost 140,000 people have died of the illness, which ranks second in coronavirus deaths behind the United States.
France, however, set a new record for new cases of Covid-19 on a regular basis, at over 16,000.
On Thursday, 16,096 new confirmed cases of coronavirus were recorded by the French health authorities, a substantial improvement over the previous record of 13,498, and a fourth all-time high of additional regular infections in eight days.

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