France Registers Over 40,000 New Cases as Europe Prepares for Horrible Days

PARIS (Forsige) – On Wednesday, France reported 40,558 new cases of coronavirus, while on Tuesday it recorded 36,330 cases, and on Monday 52,518 according to data from the Ministry of Health.

The number of new cases registered on Wednesday has risen to 1,543,321, but the ministry added that it was not a few due to data collection issues.

The Minister also announced that, from 38,289 people on Tuesdays, the number of people who died of the virus has risen to 38,674.

The study states that over the past 24 hours there have been 394 deaths in hospitals.

Italy’s new restrictions to try to strengthen the coronavirus include a partial lockdown of its wealthiest and most populated area, Lombardia around Milan’s financial capital.

After posting a daily total of 24,692 new cases in Covid-19 on Wednesday, Poland reported new restrictions. All education will be done by remote learning from Saturday, while cinemas, theaters, galleries, and most non-important shops will need to be closed down.

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