Nigerian Artiste Omah Lay and Two Others Arrested in Uganda Over Flouting COVID-19 Rules
Nigerian Artiste Omah Lay Arrested in Uganda. Photo Credit: Getty Image

Nigerian Artiste Omah Lay and Two Others Arrested in Uganda Over Flouting COVID-19 Rules

Nigerian singer and song writer Stanley Omah Didia Lay popularly known as Omah Lay has been arrested in Uganda for flouting covid-19 rules and guidelines after helding a controversial concert in Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

Police spokesman Luke Owoysigye confirmed the arrest, Lay was arrested with two other Nigerians and 4 Ugandans including the event manager and venue manager. Omah Lay tweeted “I’m in cuffs in Uganda right now with Tems”, raising concerns for fans and other celebrities.

Locals who witnessed the event said that it started like a small party until more and more people started coming in turning in to a concert that has surprised many people after the clips showing what was taking place started circulating on social media.

Nigerian Artiste Omah Lay arrested in Uganda over disobeying covid-19 rules
Nigerian Artiste Omah Lay. Photo Credit: Yosam Mukundane (Forsige)

Also the arrested were two other police officers who were providing security to the venue for allowing many people to gather in one place as the country blesses for a tough time ahead after a week of record breaking covid-19 confirmed cases.

Ugandan police say they have charged Nigerian singers Omah Lay and Tems, as well as Tems’ manager, with “negligently doing acts likely to spread an infectious diseases”.

The three Nigerian nationals have been jointly charged with four other Ugandans, according to the police.

All seven are to remain in custody until Wednesday, a statement shared on Twitter says.

The duo performed at a Saturday event in Kampala that broke coronavirus laws, local reports state.

Omah Lay tweeted that he was “just a singer trying to entertain” and called for the intervention of Nigeria’s foreign ministry. The others in custody did not comment.

The government of Uganda has suspended social gatherings to restrict the spread of the virus, including, controversially, election campaign rallies.

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