Dax, a Nigerian-Canadian rapper, expresses his gratitude to his Nigerian parents once more

Dax, a Nigerian-Canadian rapper, expresses his gratitude to his Nigerian parents once more
Photo Credit: Niji Magazine

Daniel Nwosu Jr., popularly known as Dax, a Nigerian-Canadian rapper and musician, has acknowledged his parents for all of the sacrifices they made in order for him to become a successful artist and educated young man.

Dax parents were born in Africa, specifically Nigeria, the continent’s most populous country.

My mother was born in Aba and is Igbo and my father was born in Lagos and is also Igbo but speaks Yoruba as well. The Artiste wrote.

Dax posted photographs of himself and his parents during his convocation ceremony to his Facebook page. When Dax’s parents witnessed him graduate from college or university, he claimed it was the proudest moment of his life.

ALL LOVE goes to my parents today. They’ve now been together for 35 years. This was still the proudest moment of my life. The day they saw me GRADUATE COLLEGE.

The hip hop artist and songwriter rose to prominence with the release of the video for his track “Cash Me Outside.”

Prior to becoming prominent, Dax was a standout basketball player who was awarded Sunrise Christian Academy’s Player of the Year during his senior year.

And, according to the fast-rising international artist, he was able to support himself at one time by playing basketball. Dax wrote;

…I followed those footsteps and put myself through college with a full basketball scholarship and now am putting myself through the real world INDEPENDENTLY with music for the people spread by the people.


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