Tesla Model 3 Becomes Best-Selling EV in Europe Eclipse 7,000 Deliveries in August

The Tesla Model 3 took the top spot as the most common electric vehicle in Europe in terms of sales for August.
In the rankings, Tesla’s most affordable EV overtook the Renault Zoe, which has dominated the European market for many months.
The Model 3 was shipped to 7,020 customers during August, according to a post from the EV Sales Site. To give it the top spot by a substantial margin, this figure was sufficient.
Renault’s second-place Zoe sold 6,183 units, trailing the Model 3 by almost 900 units.
With 5,055, 4,054, and 3,505 units shipped respectively, the Ford Kuga PHEV, Hyundai Kona EV, and Mercedes A250e rounded off the top 5.
The dominance of Model 3 in the European market is very remarkable, given that Tesla does not have a production facility in place on the continent.
Tesla is currently constructing one near Berlin, Germany, but will not start producing cars until the summer of 2021.
This implies that any car sold by Tesla in Europe must be shipped from the company’s Fremont, California plant, which makes the cars slightly more costly.
The Model 3 Standard Range+ in the United States, for instance, begins at $37,990. In Germany, it will cost drivers just under $50,00 to import the same version, at $49,840.
Despite this, the Model 3 is the top dog, along with a large concentration of competitive EVs from other manufacturers in the European industry.
Because of the versions of the Model 3, all of which give different range ratings and performance specifications, drivers of all types may choose the right car for them. The rates can vary, but the best on the market are Tesla EVs for the money.
Not to mention, the vehicles are becoming even more popular now that Tesla’s Autopilot and Complete Self-Driving features are beginning to gain prominence and are licensed for daily use in some European countries.
With 52,150 units delivered, the Renault Zoe already maintains an 11,000 vehicle advantage over the Model 3 in terms of 2020 as a whole. There are just over 41,000 Model 3s.
Tesla, however, has just under 16,000 cars selling more units than the Volkswagen e-Golf, which is remarkable, given that Volkswagen is based in Germany. In addition, the Audi e-Tron records more than 20,000 cars.
The Model 3 accounts for 7 percent of Europe’s overall EV market share, while the Renault Zoe has 9 percent.


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