Tesla Buys BMW and Mercedes German Battery Supplier Assembly Line Maker

According to many sources, Tesla is purchasing a German battery assembly line supplier that supplies BMW and Mercedes-Benz.
Tesla has been on a purchasing spree for companies engaged in the manufacture of engineering and manufacturing equipment, such as Hibar Systems and Compass Automation, over the last few years.
Currently, as it prepares to deploy its own battery cell production capacity, Tesla is reportedly adding another similar business as a subsidiary.
Several papers collected by Germany, including The European and the Wirtschaftskurier, indicate that ATW Assembly & Test — Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of ATS Automation, was acquired by Tesla. The business was in financial difficulty and there were rumors that its doors were about to close.

Tesla Buys BMW and Mercedes German Battery Supplier Assembly Line Maker
Tesla Buys BMW and Mercedes German Battery Supplier Assembly Line Maker|Getty Image

We now hear that Tesla allegedly swooped in and bought 210 employees from the firm.
For major German automakers, such as BMW and Daimler, ATW specializes in constructing assembly lines for battery and transmission manufacturing.
Translating the European statements from the German states that:

ATW’s business partners received notification on Tuesday that they had agreed on the takeover by a manufacturer of electric vehicles ‘in California.’ That this is Tesla, based in Palo Alto, California’s Silicon Valley, was not confirmed in the letter, but word got around in the industry. A celebration at ATW in Neuwied, where the takeover was toasted on Friday, may have contributed to this. Several Tesla vehicles with the “BIT” license plate drove up for Bitburg. The company Tesla Grohmann Automation GmbH, which operated as Grohmann Engineering GmbH until January 2017, is based in Prüm, which belongs to the Eifel district of Bitburg-Prüm. Then the manufacturer of airbag sensors, electronic steering aids.

The location of ATW in Neuwied (pictured above) is just around an hour’s drive from Tesla Grohmann Automation in Prüm, where much of its battery manufacturing equipment is manufactured by Tesla.
Last month, ATS, the parent company of ATW, announced that they had a conditional agreement to sell the company, but the sale has yet to be announced.
A number of German sources, however, seem to suggest that the acquisition went through.


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