Elon Musk Says 'By 2021 Tesla Will Be Available in India

When the company decided to join India as an automaker, @TeslaClubIN, the unofficial Indian Tesla fan club, asked Musk. “Would love to hear about any progress in this regard,” the account wrote to the CEO of Tesla.
Musk said, “Next year for sure,” giving an almost concrete date for the company’s highly-anticipated Indian entrance.
Interestingly, Tesla’s entry into India was teased earlier this month when the Indian Times announced that Tesla was opening a research and development center within the country in preliminary talks with government officials.
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The long-awaited launch of electric vehicles from Tesla is coming in 2021 after Musk suggested that it will be the period next year when the company will eventually try to join the competitive Indian car market.
Tesla suggested opening a center in Karnataka, India’s first state to set up an electric vehicle policy. Eleven other territories in India have followed suit because of the State’s decision.
“We all accept that the future is electric, it is now time to embrace electrification as an opportunity to create a self-reliant and cleaner India,” Avendus, an Indian financial services firm, said in July 2020.
It is a rare example to see Teslas currently on the road in India because the taxes and fees for imports are extremely high.
Last August, Musk said that he heard that the fees for importing vehicles are ‘up to 100 percent,’ essentially rendering the cars of the company unaffordable for many citizens.
In the past, Musk said he would love to create a presence in India for Tesla, but current government regulations are causing hold-ups in the company’s quest to start building cars in the South Asian region.
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Tesla definitely has Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s support. In 2015, in Northern California, Musk gave Modi a tour of Tesla’s Fremont production facility.
The visit gave Indians who were waiting for Teslas to be available some hope after Musk said talks were underway about temporary relief on import penalties and restrictions. Constructing a factory in India will be the only way around this.


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