Elon Musk Has Been Titled the New ‘Technoking of Tesla,’ and CFO Has Been Dubbed the ‘Master of Coins’

People Can Now Refer to Elon Musk as the New ‘Technoking of Tesla’
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Elon Musk, the 49-year-old CEO of Tesla Inc. has changed his role at the firm to “Technoking of Tesla,” widening an irreverent streak in his leadership of the electric-vehicle manufacturer.

Chief Financial Officer Zach Kirkhorn will be dubbed “Master of Coin,” according to the group.

According to a corporate filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, both Mr. Musk and Mr. Kirkhorn will hold their respective positions as CEO and financial leader.

However, the meaning to the ascribed titles remains undisclosed as the corporation refused to clarify the titles’ meanings and did not respond to an inquiry.

Most role titles for company executives follow a simple set of guidelines, although certain Silicon Valley firms have previously used wacky terminology to define executives’ responsibilities.

Some businesses have used words like “guru,” “Jedi,” and “ninja” to describe jobs that require skills or mental agility for years.

Chief happiness officer, chief futurist, and chief digital evangelist are some of the more interesting names that have emerged.

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives wrote in a research memo that Mr. Musk’s new title may be meant to reflect Tesla’s long-term perception that it is a driver of technological disruption, pointing to the company’s autonomous-driving work and advances in battery technology.

Tesla announced earlier this year that it has invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin and plans to begin accepting bitcoin as a form of payment from car buyers.

Elon Musk recent involvement in Bitcoin and the overall Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology have led the market soaring above expectations and as well leading to speculation that he could have a hand into it’s existence.

Bitcoin broke through the $60,000 barrier for the first time on Saturday before reversing course.


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