Elon Musk Arrives Gigafactory Berlin To Support Tesla's Recruitment Efforts and Will Directly Interview Applicants

BERLIN (Forsige) – Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, announced that he is going to Tesla Gigafactory Berlin today to support the local recruitment campaign, and he will interview candidates personally.

In terms of economies of scale, Tesla ‘s vision of large factories has many benefits, but when it comes to recruiting, they do offer challenges.

Every sector, even with these higher-than – usual unemployment statistics lately, has a small pool of skilled employees.

You will eventually run into difficulties staffing certain positions when you decide to employ 10,000 employees at a venue.

With Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, where they had to put in place educational programs to train a workforce in an area not well known for manufacturing, Tesla and Panasonic found it particularly hard.

Tesla will be able to have easier work recruitment with Gigafactory Berlin because Germany is known for its large auto industry.

Additionally, Tesla plans to employ thousands of employees at the plant, and no matter what, it will be difficult.

Musk is preparing to take part in the recruiting effort himself. Early this morning, the CEO’s plane landed in Germany.

Musk went on Twitter to reveal that he is going to directly interview engineers for Gigafactory Berlin positions.

As there are people in the town of Grünheide, where the plant is currently under construction, Tesla is projected to hire almost as many employees at the factory.

Tesla plans to start production at the new factory in July 2021, and to be ready to start production in just 12 months, it needs to stick to a strict building timeline.

The start of production at the factory is also related to the launch in Europe of the Model Y.


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