A German labour group has called a four-day strike at Amazon

A German labour group has called a four-day strike at Amazon

In the latest effort to compel Amazon (AMZN.O) to accept collective bargaining deals, the Verdi trade union has called on workers at six Amazon (AMZN.O) locations in Germany to go on strike from Sunday evening for four days.

The strikes at Amazon stores in Rheinberg, Werne, Koblenz, Leipzig, and two locations in Bad Hersfeld, according to Verdi, signaled an “unofficial introduction” to wage talks in the retail and mail-order industries, which are expected to begin in the coming weeks.

“Amazon is making a mint in the coronavirus crisis. For this reason alone, wage evasion must be stopped there,” said Verdi representative Orhan Akman.

Verdi is seeking a 4.5 percent wage raise for jobs in the retail and mail-order industries.

Since 2013, Amazon has been in a long-running fight with German labor unions for better wages and working conditions for logistics employees, which has resulted in several protests. After the United States, Germany is Amazon’s largest market.

Amazon claims to deliver competitive salaries and perks. During previous strikes, over 90% of workers in logistic centers operated as normal, according to the company.


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