Tesla Cybertruck Reimagined as an El Camino-Esque Sports Car

Khyzyl Saleem, 26, who happens to be Guildford-based concept artist whose work you might have already be familiar with if you played the newest Need for Speed: Heat title, for which he designed the Polestar 1 cover car, modeled a Tesla Cybertruck El Camino-Esque Sports Car.

The outcome is a very awesome hardtop convertible slammed sports car that tends to be much more cyberpunk than the Cybertruck is, which could make people wanted the upcoming Tesla Cyber Roadster to make an appearance.

Saleem does not imply that what he developed is better than the original; the revised truck is more of a sculptural analysis. He sought to deal with the production limits of the folded metal body.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love what Elon is doing in this industry, truly breaking those boundaries and the original design is bonkers, I just wanted to add my own flavor to it” Saleem had said.

The bottom skirt of the car was redrawn, rendering it parallel to the dimension above. And he’s installing traditional rear taillights.

“I added fenders that add a bit of curvature to the truck, but still tried to maintain the futuristic element to it,” he added.

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