Russia is Capable of Protecting its Interest and its Allies and Will Not Be Drawn Into Costly Arms Race, Valery Gerasimov Says

Next year Russian Ministry of Defense will continue to work to create conditions for the progressive and balanced development of the Army and Navy to ensure peaceful socioeconomic development of the country without being drawn in to a costly arms race Valery Gerasimov said.

He also noted that Russia is capable of protecting its interests and its allies.

Valery Gerasimov’s comments come at a time when the country’s armed forces are being considered for potential spending cuts making a Cold war style military spending just an impossible task.

The proposed 2021 budget could see the military receive$1.6 billion or 120 rubles less than in 2020 as the military spending falls to just 2.7 % of the GDP.

Last week President Putin called Russia a peace loving country noting that five countries spend more money on the military as he blamed US of pulling out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear force and open Skies Treaties which Russia continues to support.

This comes as US and its allies continue to increase military spending at a record numbers.

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