Israel launched scores of airstrikes on Gaza, as calls for a cease-fire became stronger

In the violence that burst into a second week on Monday, Israel launched scores of airstrikes in Gaza and the Hamas insurgent group continued its missile attacks on Israeli towns.

Israeli attacks on Gaza City seemed to target roads, security facilities, jihadist training centers, and homes, according to witnesses.

“Overnight, the sound of blasts could be heard in many parts of the Palestinian enclave”, witnesses told Forsige.

After missile barrages from Gaza were launched at the Israeli cities of Beersheba and Ashkelon shortly after midnight, Israeli fighter jets attacked “terror targets,” according to the Israeli military.

Concerns in the international community have already grown after an Israeli airstrike in Gaza that demolished many houses, including that of Hamas leader Yehya Al Sinwar.

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According to Palestinian health authorities, the strike killed 42 people, including ten children.

International demands for a truce became louder, but there was no evidence that the worst hostilities between Israel and Gaza’s ruling Hamas Islamists in years were about to end.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel’s operation in Gaza was still going strong and that deterrence was required to avoid potential tension with Gaza’s rulers, Hamas.

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