Healthcare Workers Had Allergic Reactions after Taking COVID-19 Vaccine from Pfizer

Since receiving the coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer Inc and BioNTech, an Alaskan health worker had an extreme allergic reaction but is now stable, public health officials said on Wednesday.

The person’s adverse reaction minutes after taking the Pfizer shot on Tuesday, was similar to two cases in Britain recorded last week.

Britain’s medical regulator also said that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine should not be given to someone with a history of anaphylaxis or serious allergic reactions to a drug or food.

But for the U.S. The Administration of Food and Drugs has said that the vaccine should be safe for most Americans with allergies.

It said that only persons who have had serious allergic reactions to vaccinations or components in this unique vaccine before could stop getting the injection.

Lindy Jones, the head of the emergency department in the capital of Juneau, where the woman was treated, told reporters at a simulated conference that the Alaskan patient has no history of allergic reactions.

Jones said the symptoms improved in the middle-aged patient after injecting epinephrine with allergy medication. The patient was still being treated on Wednesday at Juneau’s Bartlett Regional Hospital.

Pfizer said the vaccine came with a strong alert that in the event of anaphylaxis, adequate medical care and monitoring should still be readily accessible, although it will, if possible, amend the vaccine labeling terminology.

In the United States, the administration of the vaccine started Monday, following last week’s emergency-use permit. For healthcare staff and nursing home patients, early doses were set aside.

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