China and Russia Relationship Can’t Be Broken By Any Nation Xi and Putin Signals U.S.

The relationship between China and Russia cannot be broken by any third nation and will wither all kinds of international crises, the Chinese President Xi Jinping told his Russian counterpart President Vladimir Putin as signal to U.S. that the ties between China and Russia are strong.

In a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday evening, Xi Jinping said the relationship between China and Russia has strong independent value indicating that no matter what policies the incoming U.S. administration of Joe Biden adopted, the two countries ties would be further elevated.

“Sino-Russian relations aren’t affected by changes in the international situation or interference by any other factors, strengthening strategic cooperation between China and Russia can effectively resist any attempt to suppress and divide the two countries”, Xi Jinping said according to Chinese Foreign Ministry’s statement.

China is willing to unnervingly develop the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between The Republic of China and Russia, Xi added.

China has been trying to consolidate its ties with other countries ahead of the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20.

China has tried hard to make an investment deal with EU and according to some sources, the deal between China and European Union is expected before the end this year after all 27 EU members agreed to it.

On Monday, Joe Biden called for stronger coalitions with like minded partners and allies against China on the trade and economic front but US also has many disagreements with EU on trade and infrastructure like Russia Nord Stream 2 pipeline project that has been at the forefront of US sanctions.

“On any issue that matters to the US-China relationship from pursuing a foreign policy for the middle class, including a trade and economic agenda that protects Americans workers, our intellectual property and the environment to ensuring security and prosperity in the Indo Pacific region to championing human rights, we are stronger and more effective when we are flanked by nations that share our vision”, Joe Biden said.

Xi Jinping said that any crisis would only push Sino-Russia relations to be more prominent, adding that the two countries had worked together to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

The two countries kept helping each other overcome difficulties and continue firmly supporting each other on issues involving each other’s core interests which reflects the high level of mutual trust and friendship between the two, Xi Jinping said.

On Tuesday, Russian ambassador to China Andrey Denisov said that relationship between the countries were strong enough to resist any influence by external factors including new US administration of Joe Biden.

The two countries have entered the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination and no external factors could affect bilateral relations, Andrey Denisov said in Beijing.

Andrey Denisov said that it remains to be seen if U.S. would take a more rational position in dealing with its relations with China and Russia after the countries were named by Trump administration as the biggest rivals of US.

We are waiting for the new US administration to take office and leaders of China and Russia have expressed the willingness to cooperate with the new US administration including exploring new points of cooperation to improve the areas that are now in difficulty Andrey Denisov said.

The Russian Presidential office said that the two leaders praised bilateral ties, stating that they have reached the highest level in history as both Presidents reaffirmed their shared willingness to step up their cooperation in the international arena.

Both countries are looking to strengthen cooperation in areas like 5G, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, Aerospace Materials and Military but I don’t expect any military alliance soon.

Although both countries have indicated cooperation, the selling of military hardware’s to India after June China-India border clash rises eyebrows in China but the two countries face more formidable US and they will have to work together to overcome whatever US throws at them as we have seen recently where both flied nuclear capable bombers in East seas.

Both countries are increasingly being challenged by US Navy in the so called freedom of navigation in Sea of Japan on Russian side and south China sea on part of China which has increased the need for the two countries to work together to resist against moves from the US they believed are provocative.

Both countries have also worked together to push Xi Jinping program of Belt and Road initiative that will connect Chinese cities to central Asian cities and European cities not forgetting the cooperation in the development of the Arctic waterways.

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