Australian Lawyer Sets New World Record for the Most Christmas Tree Lights Display

David Richards, a lawyer has put together a record-setting Christmas tree light extravaganza at a shopping center.

The classic Christmas tradition of string lights was continued by David Richards, who is from the capital city of Canberra.

With 1,194,380 of lighting, in this case, Richards has set the milestone, according to Guinness World Records, for the highest LED image display.

The tree in Canberra was lit up by David Richards, with 518,838 twinkling lights in all. A huge star loaded with 12,000 sparkling bulbs topped the 22-meter long oak.

Mr. Richards smashed the record that was held by Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan for five years.

“This has been an enormous undertaking involving architects, electrical and civil engineers, designers, and an army of SIDS and Kids ACT volunteers all donating their time and goods and services,” Richards said in a statement.

Australian Lawyer Sets New World Record for the Most Christmas Tree Lights Display. Photo Credit: Getty Image

“We have architects, civil engineers, tradies, construction companies, sound engineers… all volunteering and donating goods and services, as well as wonderful sponsors including Canberra CBD Limited, Luton Properties, BLOC and the Canberra Centre,” Richards told Guinness, adding that it took months of planning.

This is not Richards’ first glowing record anyway, claiming another Guinness World Record after he adorned his house in 2013 with more than 500,000 Christmas lights.

Canberra’s Petrie Plaza now features a 3-D image of lights in the form of three big, interconnected Christmas presents spanning more than 41,000 square feet.

According to the Guinness website, the show trumps the previous record set by Oltin yo’l GTL in 2012 in Shuran, Uzbekistan, using 1.012,840 lights.

The exhibit is used by Richards and his family to continue another tradition of raising money for SIDS and Kids ACT, a charity devoted to avoiding premature and accidental deaths of children aged 6 and younger, and one funded by Richards after helping them with a tragedy they suffered in 2002.

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