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What to Know About Uganda’s Youngest Presidential Candidate in History, John Katumba

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John Katumba is the youngest Ugandan politician who is aspiring for the highest elective office in Uganda. He was born in 1996 and he is 24 years currently.

John Katumba was born to the Kkonde family and his parents died when he was still young around two years old and he grew up with his guardian. He stays in Ntinda a semi-residential suburb of Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

His family stays in Naalya-Kitatule in Kampala the capital city of Uganda but John Katumba’s ancestral home is in Buikwe district in central Uganda.

Education Background: John Katumba attended Zion Hill Standard Academy in Buikwe district for his primary education. He later joined central view high school in Mukono district for his O level and A level.

While studying, the guardian of John Katumba was the only one caring for him and even paying his school fees, but his guardian paid part of the fees at A level, and that’s when Katumba began washing cars in washing bays where he received 1000 Ugshs ($0.27) per car he washed. On vacations and weekends, he washed cars to raise money that would help top up his school fees and other scholastic requirements.

Political Career: John Katumba is the youngest person in Uganda’s history to ever run for the highest elective office of the president in Uganda a record which was made possible by controversial age limit amendment of the constitution in 2018 to remove article 102 b which placed age limit caps on presidential candidates.

Only those who were between 35-75 years were allowed to contest but now even the 24-year-old Katumba can run for the office.

Who is John Katumba


John Katumba is the youngest Ugandan politician who is aspiring for the highest elective office in Uganda.

How old is John Katumba

John Katumba was born in 1996 and he is 24 years old.

He is an independent presidential candidate and his presidential bid was launched in mid-2020. After picking nomination forms from the electoral commission, he started collecting mandatory 100 signatures from 98 districts of Uganda.

In the process, John Katumba whom many people excepted to fail but succeeded says that he met with so many people and friends who contributed to and supported his candidature.

He got nominated on 3rd November 2020 and was the 11th and final candidate to be nominated. He promised to construct roads, airports in the West Nile region of Uganda in Arua city. He also promised to reduce the number of cabinet ministers in order to reduce expenditure and use the money to provide improved services to Ugandans.

He promised to create more jobs for his fellow youths who are unemployed like him but his campaigns started with great difficulties after he failed to fuel his car walking to the campaigning venue, he also told his security details to have patience with his lifestyle of eating whatever they get since he is very poor and can’t afford to provide them with a better meal.

He recently said that he was ready for state house after polls he conducted himself showed him in the lead with 70% followed by Museveni the current president at 15% and Robert Kyaguranyi also at 15% causing controversy although he insists that he will win the election and become the president of Republic of Uganda in 2021 in may when the term of current president ends.

Business: John Katumba is unemployed today according to what he told us but he did many odd jobs before for a living ever since he was dumped by his guardian after S.6 and had to struggle on his own to make it to campus.

He washed cars at washing bays a job he started during his S.4 vacations, he has done bricklaying and charcoal burning to see his education get completed and also his dream of being a president of Uganda. John Katumba is still looking for a job after graduating.


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