What is Ramadan and when does it take effect?

What is Ramadan and when does it take effect?

The first observation of the new moon marks the start of Ramadan.

The Islamic calendar is based on the 12-month lunar calendar. Each month starts with the new crescent moon and lasts 29 or 30 days, depending on the year.

Previously, the sighting of the new moon was accomplished using the naked eye, but in modern years, telescopes and technology have been employed.

Since Muslim countries span such a wide geographical region, from Indonesia to Morocco, some Muslims can witness the new moon before others.

For example, whereas the Nigerian authority haven’t officially that the moon is been sighted at around 09:00 PM West African Time the Saudi Arabian have seen the moon.

This is the second Ramadan in which the coronavirus pandemic has affected.

This means another year of improvements to cultural rituals for Muslims worldwide.

It is customary to eat the iftar meal with family and friends. Meetings of this kind will be prohibited once more as a result of the lockout.

Many interactive iftar activities and online Islamic seminars are held for those who are unable to attend in person.

Though inter-household mixing was prohibited during Ramadan in 2020, the festival this year coincides with the relaxation of certain lockdown laws in Europe, America, partially in Africa and other part of the world.

In the UK, outdoors or in a private backyard, up to six individuals or two households will now assemble. Restaurants would be able to sell food outside as well.

Fasting will begin on April 13 in Saudi Arabia, and many Muslim communities around the world are expected to recognize this date.

The lunar calendar is approximately ten days shorter than the calendar used in the Western world. This means that Ramadan begins about ten days earlier each year.


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