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Increased Parental Dominance Causes Africa Technological Development Drawbacks

How often do you question the reality of people living comfortably and generating steady legitimate income from the comfort of their home, even before the emergence of the pandemic that drove nearly the entire earth working population into adopting a remote working policy – people have been making huge income from the desk of their home.

The most baffling questions in today’s world evolve round the thoughts of imagining the role some services and tools have come to play in people’s lives. The very fact is, young people with age ranging from 14years and above occupies mostly the larger percentage of people finding dreams and reasons with existing technological services and tools.

In developing countries, Africa for example, adults and parents to be specific often have to strictly keep a keen eye on how the younger once or children make use of technological devices, arising from the belief that those tools or services are bad.

These beliefs are not limited to parents alone, vast majority of social institutions with governments included are very much concerned about the same thing. A close reference could be derived from the EndSARS unrest that have occurred in Nigeria recently, where young people are often arrested and killed by the State authority without evidence of illegal earning but to the tune that expensive devices are found with them and to the fact that they agreed that they make a living online.

Developing countries have a contradictory view on the usage of those services to the developed countries. It doesn’t really have to be so, we realize the fact that innovations designed, no matter how good and useful it maybe will definitely be disadvantageous one way or the other.

With that been said, existing technological tools, each created for a purpose, with the internet and services of social media included are drastically shaping students’ educational approach, easing and fastening learning.

A well-known fact that underlies the usage of modern technology could be evident from the human general perspective, which turned out to be the nasty side of it – in less develop nations, and yet, people on the other edge with a proportionate influence over these impactful tools and services believed in its clarity and usefulness.

How could one develop such a distinct and disadvantageous attitude without conducting proper research – despite the current awakening visions brought to light by the ultimate present day disruptive digital technology they couldn’t feel any greater gains at all.

Rather than using computers, smartphones, and the internet as fashion and texting devices, the young generations are transforming it into a more sophisticated digital learning tool with which at a point of their finger click they can traverse the world. Social media groups and video chat conferences, blogging, and digital marketing, YouTube and other various online monetization platforms are bursting out all over the globe, populated by young people hungry for expression, discovery and for their own self-development.

Fact revealed that Africa’s young population are still lagging behind in the use of those tools, services and that’s because they are extremely being dominated by the elder one’s who have no clue of its positive effects.

We are living in a generation where people have developed passion for learning and thriving in the digital world and most preferably building and contributing to the society without having to necessary move in and out.

Through advance technological innovations, young people in develop countries have developed adaptive measures regarding how they use smartphones, computers or, laptops, internet and social media services among various other technological tools differently and positively.

 Africa’s must recognize that the world has changed and is still changing and that developing a reconciliatory mechanism to better suits this social transformation processes would determine the comfortability quest of the future with which both governmental and non-governmental institutions seeks to achieve, hence parental affirmation and contributions are of fundamental necessary, to awaken growing generations deep concerns for innovations related issues.

Without a doubt, these people are more educated, more ambitious, and more positive than any prior generation that ever lived. They are very determined and optimistic about the future, and they are well acquainted with the cause of sacrifices, challenging difficulties, and obstacles usually encountered as a reward for their desired greater heights.

The most shocking and horrible fact is that more than 80% of Africa’s young population is not from a very wealthy family, and yet – they have to squeeze and toil to gain access to better tools, more services, and they have become overly overshadowed even more strictly that they not access to experiment.

While their pairs in Europe, America, and some part of Asia have yielded their selves with greater capacity to cater to and control their circles. Generating millions and billions of revenues online with the aid of various necessary tools legitimately and not the opposite as people in Africa always proclaimed.

In the art of making a living with the help of existing and emerging technologies – the present generations have unprecedented mobility and they are shrinking the planet using the digital tools, devices with the rest of the world population, and Africa must rise up to harness this great opportunity if it truly desires to be appreciated in its diplomatic dealings.

The Tech industry has employed more than any other industry in the United States with an estimated 12.1 million workers according to CompTIA. China and India are also rolling down more employment mounting to millions of people yearly.

But in as much as these nations are the dominant actors in the technological space, they are not the only one benefiting from it, they are creating a threading path for less developed countries to follow, and sharing their ideas to the rest members of the world, they are making an echoing contribution with which anyone in any part of the world with access to the internet can tap from and learn.


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