How Do We Catchphrases the COVID-19 Year?
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2020 Is Gone, But How Do We Catchphrases the COVID-19 Year?

A 2020 review proves to be a very endless year packed with a pandemic that falls well short of human expectations.

Far too exploded last year during the pandemic—political instability, freak weather and wildfires, demonstrations everywhere, and regional crises with either Islamic rebellion or militants.

What we went through depends too much on who we were and where we were living.

For example, to all classes, some portion of the experience of total lockdown was experienced in Asia, Europe, and the United States. While protesters were ravaging some parts of the world amidst COVID-19.

In a year when healthcare employees became heroes every day, working restlessly. The world sees the most stay at home, free individuals who at some point defies lockdown restriction out of tiredness.

If we encountered disaster or economic distress, it might appear too spontaneous and jump rapidly from one to the other, sadness or just plain listlessness.

So how do we catchphrases the COVID-19 year?

The reality is, the COVID-19 year has given us a number of variant perspectives, phrases, expressions, and metaphors.

Majority of which only few people alive today have experienced – from the Spanish flu and any alike.

The emergence of the pandemic had brought a new world to life. And it’s going to take twice the twenty-first century for the narrative of coronavirus to be forgotten, that is if a resurgence doesn’t occur before then.

2020 was a world of face mask, social distancing, quarantine, hand sanitizer, lockdowns, remote works while the world also see other newly relevant after long histories of specialized terms, like contact tracing.

The technicalities in the language of the pandemic changed generally our orientation in a second.

Languages such as super-spreaders event, aerosol droplets, and vaccine are for instance good examples.

Whereas some are packed with cultural meaning, Black Lives Matter, ENDSars, panic shopping; and others still, are like just too cony and in most cases coined terms to create a joyous impression off the difficult moment, although directed towards a course.

But all of them serve a purpose in these most uncertain times.

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